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The Godly Imp, Edward VI
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This is a community for history buffs and Tudor enthusiasts! It is specifically dedicated to Edward VI, born to King Henry VIII and Queen Jane Seymour on 12 October 1537, who succeeded his father at the age of nine, and died just three months before his sixteenth birthday, on 6 July 1553. Though his reign was brief, Edward showed all of the Tudor intelligence, capability and charm, and was in his own way as unique and fascinating as any of his family.

.About Edward VI
While many history books claim that he was "sickly," "bigoted" and "cold-hearted," contemporary evidence shows Edward to be none of these.
.He was an active, athletic boy who reveled in sports such as archery, tennis, riding and hunting. The only recorded serious illnesses in his life were a quartan fever when he was four, and the final bout of what seems to have been pulmonary tuberculosis.
.Edward was, for his time, remarkably tolerant, and less than five "heretics" were burned at the stake during his reign. There is even a story that the young "British Josiah" pleaded with Archbishop Cranmer, in tears, for the life of one heretic, though he was unable to save her. Edward's battle of wills with his half-sister, Mary, over her insistence on being allowed to hear Mass stemmed from his own devout belief in the Protestant faith, and his earnest fear for her soul; it caused him much pain and many tears.
.There is nothing to suggest that Edward was in any way "cold." [His "Chronicle," in which he dispassionately records the executions of both his uncles, was written in retrospect, under supervision, and in any case was more factual than personal. Thus, it can hardly be used as proof of Edward's personality, except, perhaps, his neatness and intelligence.] While he was an extremely solemn and self-contained child, once out from under his uncle, the Protector's thumb, his natural exuberance and high spirits were evident to all. He was extremely popular with foreign ambassadors, who were highly impressed by his easy charm and sweet nature.

.Community Rules
.Please be kind! (i.e., No flaming!) This is a community created in tribute to Edward VI, and while you are certainly entitled to your opinion, please do not come here just to vent your bias against him. Excessively negative comments and posts will be deleted, at my [elevenses] discretion. Don't like? Don't join.
.Icons, pictures, writing - any and all creative works involving Edward are more than welcome here! I only ask that you please keep fiction within a G to PG-13 rating. Any icons, pictures, or writing that is excessively negative towards Edward will be deleted.
.Please keep posts on topic! Henry VIII, Mary and Elizabeth are all fascinating in their own rights, but I am sure that there are communities out there specifically for discussion on each of them. They've got no place here, except as they concern Edward VI.

.One More Thing...
.By excessively negative, I mean comments like "Edward was a horrible, bigoted prig!!1!". Valid criticism is one thing, but Edward seems to be subject to a lot of extremely negative (and unfounded) bias by many historians, and as I am the mod of this community I have decided not to allow such prejudice here.
.Got a complaint, comment or question? Leave a comment at my LJ, or send me an email. You can find it in my user info. (elevenses) :)

.That's it! Please enter and enjoy yourself!

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